About DWNI

Downtown West Newton, Inc. is a non-profit, community development corporation with a mission to promote activity and spark investment in downtown West Newton, PA.


DWNI Mission & Vision


Our mission is to help West Newton’s downtown by stabilizing our economy, enhancing our assets, and encouraging development, while preserving our unique charm.

DWNI has developed a strategy for enhancing the downtown. Our vision is to …

  • create attractive entrances into downtown
  • improve the look of the trailhead and riverfront
  • create better access from the trail into downtown
  • support businesses and attract new businesses and customers
  • improve parking and traffic flow
  • promote our unique historic,scenic and cultural assets.

In partnership with various government and other non-profit agencies, DWNI has the support to carry out numerous projects in order to fulfill this strategic vision.


Get involved with the planning of community events, fundraising activities, and downtown development projects by joining one of our committees!  DWNI committees meet monthly, and community input is vital to the development of our town.

Click here to view our committees and meeting schedules.